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Nothing ends a good program quicker….than everyone waiting until the last minute to register.  If there are no registrations, the program is cancelled ... and coming in the day of the program won’t save it!
So PLEASE register early to keep the program alive. Registration can be done at the park district office located at 22522 IL Route 9 during staffed hours or we have a registration form drop box (payment by check only) inside the door of the park district office and some programs have online registration (please note there is a processing fee when using a credit or debit card)
Tremont Area Park District Weather Line
(309) 925-5540
Field Location for Summer Ball Diamonds
600 North Street
Oly North Elementary
2015 N State Street
5th Street - 400 West 5th Street
Lake Park - 500 N Sherman Street
2620 Country Road 600 E (far west side of town)
Park Drive in Hopedale (155 south to Route 122 - Right on Hittle Road - Left of Park Drive)
1400 Railer Way (used to be 1400 Primm Road - older gps might not have Railer Way) (located next to Lincoln Community High School)
Brock Lake - Route 9 on east side of town
Grade School - 102 East 5th Street
Marquette Heights
Concession Stand - there is a sign on the right of the concession stand with a map to all the diamonds located around this point
Mason City
1400 East Walnut Street (on the wast side of town)
San Jose - off Rt 9
City Park - 200 E Tazewell (next to community swimming pool)
Cullinan Park - 800 Ivy Lane
Grade school north and south diamond - 200 S Harris Street